Hockaday Feet to Be Sheathed in Stylish, Socially Conscious Manner

Pictured above, the newest addition to the Hockaday uniform. The fashion-forward private school has partnered with TOMS Shoes, the eco- and socially-conscious footwear company that donates a pair of shoes to shoeless children for every pair sold, to design the white-and-green shoes specifically for Hockaday.

You’re probably thinking right now “Hey, those shoes are nice and all, but I prefer my left and right feet to match.” How quaint. But you’re in luck becuase the company actually designed two styles of shoe for Hockaday after a discussion between dean of students Meshea Matthews and TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie when the latter spoke at the school in 2008. It is the only school TOMS has partnered with. The saddle oxfords–the one with the lace holes, for those who know as much about footwear as I do–are an approved part of the uniform.

I recommend buying a pair of both so you can mix and match. Plus, you’ll double the number of shoeless children you help get shoes. It’s win-win.

By Eric Nicholson Apr. 28, 2010 | 9:46 am | 3 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Fashion Fo-ward

    Great cause. Absolutely HIDEOUS shoes. God Bless Tom though, he’s doing good work.

  • http://www.stewartdesign.com Amy Stewart

    I agree they’re unattractive (I think all Toms shoes are pretty unattractive) but I think it’s a great cause and I’m impressed that Hockaday is doing this! I’d love for other schools to pick up on it too.

  • Madison K Garza

    Stylish? Really? I am really not intending this to be mean spirited but stylish is really the wrong word to use to describe these shoes.