Swann’s Letter Never Mentions Lawsuit

Father Stephen Swann’s announcement that he is stepping down comes three months, almost to the day, after a jury handed down a $9.2 million verdict against ESD for its actions in the aftermath of a student’s sexual relationship with a teacher. The letter, which never mentions the lawsuit, or the circumstances that led to it, was obtained by Preston Hollow People. Granted, WFAA had it first, but ours is much prettier. That should count for something.

A few items of note: He waits three paragraphs to make his announcement, and refers to himself as the “Endowed Headmaster.” While a true statement, I can’t remember another time when he employed that particular title.

I’ll have full coverage of Swann’s exit in the Jan. 6 print edition of our Preston Hollow and Park Cities papers, which you can pick up here and here.


By Claire St. Amant Dec. 29, 2011 | 11:01 am | 9 Comments | Comments RSS
  • interesting

    He has done a great deal of good in the independent school community, but I think his time has come. ESD will come out of this a better school.

  • WOW

    Are we supposed to think that Swann is taking the fall for ALL of this? Whereas I didn’t think his testimony did the school any favors, and in parts wasn’t honest? I think there are a handful of other faculty and administrators (not to mention board members) who need to be held responsible, too.

  • Dallas Gal

    Hopefully Royall and Mayo will leave at the end of this school year. They will have had time by then to secure other employment.

  • ESDParent/Observer

    Sounds like some wiser minds are emerging at ESD. The only way to move forward in a positive direction is for new leadership at the helm and on the Board. The school will likely attract outstanding head candidates from across the country. The superb faculty at the school is still in place and they will be elated with new head leadership – particularly with academic credentials. It is also likely that ESD families and benefactors will support positive change and continue to support a fundamentally strong educational institution.

    Swann’s letter is suggests that he continues to exist in a state of denial and delusion reminiscent of his testimony last summer. Now that he has effectively been removed, ESD can move forward and the faculty, students, donors, and alums can rest assured that the necessary tough decisions are being made.

  • esdwatcher

    This is so weak….so hypocritical….and so sorry on every level imaginable.
    2 years plus lifetime oversight of the slush fund.

    Does the ESD ‘leadership’ think the public will be placated by this solution?

    What an awful thought.

    What’s it going to take? A contempt order? Indictments?

    They had a chance to really clean house and let the healing begin…another lost opportunity.

  • concernedparent

    Board Members:

    John Eagle,
    Frank Aldridge
    Jeannie Berry
    Robert Buholtz
    Plack Carr
    Dan Cook
    Pat Crow
    Allen Custard,
    William Felder,
    Jeremy Ford,
    Caroline Gehan,
    Juan Gonzales,
    Milledge Hart,
    Richard Heath,
    Ann Helbing,
    Ann Hobson,
    Darrell Johnston,
    Suzanne Magee
    David Munson
    Alan Neuhoff
    Cullum Clark,
    Robert Nichol
    Jason Nix
    Claude Prestidge
    Conner Searcy
    Ken Schnitzel
    Nancy Shutt
    Clay smith,
    Gayle Stoffel
    Carol Vig
    Matt Waller
    Greg Whiteman
    Joe Worsham

    Who is staying?
    Which ones voted for this resolution?
    Let them know your thoughts.

  • Lisa

    This is great news and too long in coming. Hopefully the new headmaster will bring in a fresh administration as well. Are we to believe the ESD Board of Directors finally woke up? Dick Heath’s comments to the DMN said otherwise. He protested way too much about the coincidence of Swann’s resignation.

  • Apples to Apples

    Eagle and Royall too

  • Wylie H.

    It’s the right thing for Swann to go… but too bad he still seems to be unable to connect with reality. A dose of humility might not be a bad thing for him.