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    • Karley Kicker is former reporter for Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People. She is currently promoting her book, "Hitched in a Hurry."
  • Brian Cuban Turns Past Addictions Into Inspiration

    Brian Cuban Shattered ImageWhen he enrolled in a 12-Step Program in 2007, Brian Cuban was okay with admitting that he’d been addicted to drugs and alcohol. What he didn’t want to talk about? The fact that he hated what he saw when he looked in the mirror, and still felt like the young boy he used to be — weighed down by excess body fat and an even heavier load of shame.

    “I knew I wasn’t the only addict out there; I knew I wasn’t the only alcoholic,” said Cuban, a Preston Hollow resident and author of the book Shattered Image. “But I thought I was the only guy with an eating disorder.”

    Specifically, the only guy whose eating disorder had taken the shape of anorexia, bulimia, steroid abuse, and a psychological condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Although he saw a psychiatrist off and on throughout his battle with addiction, Cuban always managed to reveal just enough to get a prescription for the anti-depressants he needed. After nearly taking his own life, however, Cuban finally came clean — which enabled him to get clean, too. Read More…

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  • Hockaday Alum Helps Current Students Become ‘Globe Aware’

    Hockaday Alum Helps Current Students Become ‘Globe Aware’

    Kimberly Haley-Coleman founded Globe Aware in 2000.

    By the time she was blowing out the candles on her 30th birthday cake, Hockaday alumna Kimberly Haley-Coleman had already earned an MBA in international business, worked as the VP of business development for a Houston-based aerospace company, and done more international traveling, connecting, communicating, and strategizing than most ambassadors.

    And yet, would you believe it? Her mission to take on the world was just getting started.

    “I grew up traveling with my grandmother and family,” Haley-Coleman recalled. Years later, after accepting career opportunities that required globe-trotting, “I would find myself abroad over the weekends, and I’d done so much tourism growing up that it lost its intrigue.”

    A longtime lover of volunteerism with a background in nonprofits, Haley-Coleman attempted to start volunteering in the countries where she was already traveling for business purposes — emphasis on attempted. Due to her short-term availability, “Nobody wanted me.” Read More…

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  • ‘Godfather’ of Custom Pizza Opens Local Storefronts

    ‘Godfather’ of Custom Pizza Opens Local Storefronts

    Project Pie will open a number of locations this year, including Preston Center and Asbury Avenue. (Photos courtesy of Project Pie)

    The way pizza-preneur James Markham sees it, food is akin to a romantic relationship — that is, it’s best when kept fresh.

    It’s a sentiment that can be linked directly to Project Pie, the valedictorian of the dough-tossing chains (MOD, Pieology) Markham has founded in recent years. Like its predecessors, the Project Pie concept involves custom-made pizzas bedazzled with premium ingredients. Unlike the stores that have gone before, however, Project Pie will be opening in Dallas — and opening four times over to boot.

    “I’ve got four units I’m doing in Dallas this year. I’m doing Preston Center, Lower Greenville — we just signed a space right at SMU, and we’re doing one in Addison too,” Markham said. Although the storefronts will open back-to-back this fall, thanks to a mix of vintage and industrial furnishings, “all of them are going to look different.” Read More…

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  • Snap Kitchen Focuses on Health Food

    Snap Kitchen recently opened a new location in Snider Plaza. (Photo: Snap Kitchen)

    Snap Kitchen recently opened a new location in Snider Plaza. (Photo: Snap Kitchen)

    The decision to put down roots in Dallas was, well, a snap for Snap Kitchen. The Austin-based health food chain began serving tasty take-away in late July from its new home in Snider Plaza, and from a second location in Uptown as well.

    “We feel lucky to be in the heart of Dallas and across the street from SMU, and look forward to partnering with students and faculty,” said Daniel Helfman, Snap Kitchen’s marketing director. “We’ve already heard that the local community cares about health and wellness, and we look forward to helping grow a healthy Dallas.”

    While Park Cities residents are no strangers to health-food concepts — Nektar Juice Bar, Number One’s organic offerings, and True Kitchen’s entire diet–friendly menu come to mind — Snap Kitchen aims to bring something new to the table: convenience.

    “Menu items are crafted to complement special dietary preferences,” Helfman noted. “That way you can recharge with a delicious, balanced meal whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-conscious, or anything in between.”

    In addition to offering premade to-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Snap Kitchen can accommodate advance orders — as long as you call the store 24 hours in advance of your desired pick-up-and-dine time. The changing menu revolves around seasonal ingredients, meaning you’re sure to find new favorites every once in a while. Bonus: While most restaurants offer gluten-free options these days, Snap Kitchen has taken things a step further by almost entirely eliminating gluten from its health-conscious menu.

    snap_kitchen_offmenu“We currently only have one gluten-containing item on the menu — our whole-wheat pita chips,” said Andrea Hinsdale, Snap Kitchen’s chief dietitian. “The remainder of the menu — including soy sauce, oats, pasta, wraps, house-made English muffins, and tortillas — is gluten-free.”

    If your mouth isn’t watering yet, this might help you along — Snap Kitchen also offers a selection of comfort-foods-gone-clean. Think vegetable lasagna minus the noodles, meatloaf made with steel-cut oats, and “Devily Eggs” that nix the mayo and sub-in jalapeño hummus for an extra jolt of protein. Not sure of your greatest nutritional needs? A registered dietitian will be available in-store by the end of August to help customers make healthy decisions in — you guessed — a snap.

    “Snap Kitchen helps make healthy mealtime decisions a little easier,” Hinsdale said. “We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on great taste for convenience.”

    This story appears in the August edition of Preston Hollow People, on stands now.

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  • Other Golden Gals Make Their Mark

    From left: Grace Cunningham, Ryan McBride, Susan Adelaide Moore, Farish Mozley, and Amanda White

    From left: Grace Cunningham, Ryan McBride, Susan Adelaide Moore, Farish Mozley, and Amanda White

    Congratulations to the area Girl Scouts who recently received their Gold Awards. Each girl has worked tirelessly to implement their projects; working a minimum of 80 hours. Each project addressed problems within the local community to ones on a global scale. Read More…

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  • Girl Scouts’ Golden Gals Benefit Communities

    Meredith Burke reintroduces native grasses at the Connemara Conservancy in Allen. (Photo: Girl scouts of Northeast Texas)

    Meredith Burke reintroduces native grasses at the Connemara Conservancy in Allen. (Photo: Girl scouts of Northeast Texas)

    Just call them the golden girls.

    Local Girl Scouts Meredith Burke, Grace Cunningham, Meghan Harshaw, Ryan McBride, Susan Adelaide Moore, Farish Mozley, and Amanda White recently received the organization’s prestigious Gold Award for developing projects as global-minded as they are gilded.

    “It takes a minimum of 80 hours to complete a Gold Award [project],” explained Ana Harshaw, who leads Troop 306. “Twenty of the 80 hours must be in leadership. The project must also be sustainable and global, and the girl must be able to evaluate the impact of the project.” Read More…

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  • Talking Trash With Liz and Jeff Helfrich

    People should recycle more. That’s the basic premise behind this Preston Hollow couple’s combination trashcan/recycling bin, the Solecan. The “Sole” stands for a lot of things — the term “environmental footprint” comes to mind, naturally — but primarily, the moniker is intended to signify that the corner-sized Solecan is the only one you need.

    The only problem: the Helfriches — who are first-time inventors — need $40,000 to purchase the mold that will allow for mass production of their prototype. If their Kickstarter campaign succeeds, you could soon see the Solecan in bathrooms, offices, dorm rooms…anywhere outside the kitchen, basically. Want (way) more information? Pick up a copy of this week’s Preston Hollow People for the full story. And when you’re finished reading the article, do the Helfriches a favor: recycle it.

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  • Don’t Screen These Phone Calls

    You may get a few phone calls on March 17. That’s the day that the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas will hold its annual “Super Sunday” event, where volunteers will conduct a fundraising phone-a-thon that lasts from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. If you’d like to be on the dialing end of those phone calls, you’ll find sign-up information here. Event will be held in the Zale Auditorium of the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center.

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  • Southfork Ranch Hosts Birthday Bash For Halliday

    Southfork Ranch housed Halliday for her 102nd birthday celebration. Photo: @watchwithus on Twitter

    Around Dallas, there are two pieces of iconic real estate that everybody should (and does) know about: Southfork Ranch and Ebby Halliday. It makes sense, then, that J.R.’s place was selected to house the “Duchess of Dallas” and her family of associates for a celebratory breakfast feting her 102nd birthday yesterday morning — agreed?

    P.S. Although Halliday’s company-wide party was yesterday, we’d recommend sending personal birthday wishes a bit later in the week. Her actual date of birth is March 9, 1911.

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  • “A Little Less Noise There!”

    If Peter Pan‘s “Mr. Darling” had been my escort at the last few events I’ve covered for our “People Watching” section, he could have shouted his classic line from the rooftops…and still I’m pretty sure that no one would have heard him. At one luncheon, a cancer survivor spoke about her aggressive fight for health, which necessitated over 100 hours of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she was all but drowned out by the clink of cutlery and echos of conversations that couldn’t be paused. At another luncheon, it took three podium-pleas to call the room to attention before the program could proceed. The same was true at a recent ball, where a frustrated speaker finally asked, “Everyone who can hear me, can you please tap your knife against your glass?” Yet the talking persisted, even through a brief presentation about a particularly heartbreaking CASA case.

    I love covering events, and have been a firsthand witness to the hours upon hours of thought, planning, and hard work that go into bringing each one to life. Co-chairs often pull me aside to emphasize the importance of bringing attention to so many worthy beneficiaries in print. I couldn’t agree more with the directive — in fact, I count it my greatest privilege as a social columnist to spotlight all the good I’ve seen in Dallas. I’d just like there to be “a little less noise there,” so that I can hear a few good things, too. Anyone else?

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