Biblical Arts Museum Reopens Doors Friday

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  • diane hol

    i was privileged to see the mirace of pentecost painting. is there a photograph of it and will it be reproduced?

  • Steven Fleming

    The museum sold fairly good-sized prints of the “Miracle of Pentecost” which should still be available by contacting them directly. I have one signed by Torger Thompson framed in my home and it is a treasure.

  • Geraint ap Iorwerth

    Just found out now, due to a recent dream prompting, about the fire. I had the privilege during summer 1970 of visiting the Miracle as a guest of Mattie Byrd and was presented with a copy of the painting during a private visit to her home. An unforgettable day-out in Dallas and a great lady. Fond
    meories. ap
    Rev’d Geraint ap Iorwerth nr Cardiff Wales UK

  • Terry Viegas

    I had the tremendous privilege of knowing Torg personally. I visited him at his home in Mountainberg, Ark. I had my Confirmation class take a field trip to see the painting. My teens each wrote Torg a letter telling him how touched they were by it. He called me when he received the letters and said he was coming to see my class. The next day he drove from Arkansas to Dallas and visited all our classes at Christ the King School. We became his good friends afterwards. I would love to find a framed picture of the painting. I do have an original oil done by Torg, just for me. I will treasure it always! Thank you Torg for the memories of your greatness and your love for God.