Donate New or Gently Used Shoes to Earthwalkers

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  • We received your”Earthwalkers” mailing asking for shoe donations and we devoted time to collecting a large box full of shoes to place on our front porch on the date indicated. Included among the many pairs of womens shoes were several that were brand new – some still in the shoe boxes.
    The box we filled sat on the porch all that day (Friday, April 28th -from 1:00am the night of the 28th). . . but no one ever picked up the shoes. So, we left the box out over night through Saturday, and finally it disappeared late Saturday afternoon. We’d like to know that the box went to your organization and was not taken by someone on a drive-by.
    We live on Glendora Drive in Preston Hollow.
    [email protected]

  • paul

    would be great to know about the org via a site as well as what their goals are how long they have been around how the shoes are distributed. most likely wont participate without more information. good concept possibly…..weak on messaging not sure what execution would be. would like to help organize if it is not being done now.

  • chris

    also left out a bag that was not picked up. Is there somewhere we can drop off the shoes.


  • Earthwalkers Charities

    Thank you to all for your support and help! Please check out our website for additional information.