ESD Reaches Settlement With Doe Family

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  • CosmoMartini

    There’s a shock. So much for all that vindication upon appeal, huh?

  • wesley jeanes

    If the quality of the reporting on this story was any indication of her reporting skills, Ms. Amant should have every day off. Anybody with any depth of legal knowledge knows that this case settled for a fraction of the amount of the judgment. ESD most probably settled for the $500,000 that ESD offered prior to trial, as that is the legal limit of ESD’s liability in this case. The same is true for the other defendants. The case had zero chance of being affirmed on appeal, and the plaintiffs’ lawyers knew it. Remember Judge Benson the next time you are at the ballot box. She is an embarrasment to herself and Dallas County.

  • JS

    ESD is such a wonderful school. We could not be more pleased about the education our children are receiving there.

  • Avid Reader

    What happened to the appeal? Did they finally have an adult step into the room and let them know they had no shot even with their newly hired squadron of lawyers? Glad this mess is over and they decided to take the smart move after making 16 wrong turns.

  • interested observer

    No one was vindicated, right? It’s all just a big question mark. No one has any right to point fingers.

  • CosmoMartini

    The announced departures at ESD in the ugly aftermath speak volumes. And now a settlement after all of this sword brandishing about winning on appeal? If I was so certain and righteous in my belief of my position, I would have seen it all the way through. But the reality is the brand was mightily tarnished last fall, and an appeal would have pretty much gutted it. So the right thing here is to clean house, have those who contributed leave (Swann et al), settle and move on. Learn and rebuild

  • Dallas Gal

    Wesley: If the case had zero chance of being affirmed on appeal then ESD would have gone forward. Give me a break.

  • Native

    Rather than speculate on the amount, reading the linked DMN piece might clarify that for you. $6 million.

  • TrialObserver

    Dallas Gal: cases often settle during the appeal process, as both sides desire to avoid a retrial. You can bet the plaintiffs’ attorneys certainly do, as their contingent fee payday could be postponed for several years. Native: read the DMN piece a little closer. The 6M is the amount of the judgment that Judge Benson eventually entered after numerous post-judgment arguments as to the meaning of the jury’s verdict. It is not the amount of the current settlement, which is unknown and likely confidential.

  • ESDparent

    If ESD is cleaning house, they need to keep going. Apparently Mayo is still there. The woman is completely tone-deaf when it comes to handling student problems. Too often, er solution is to hustle the offending student out the door wihtout truly considering other viable options. This case is not the first time she has made this mistake, and it won’t be the last if she is allowed to stay.

  • close follower

    I guess ESD saw the writing on the wall and decided to end all of this, with the exception of keeping Mayo around. Maybe they enjoy law suits and running good people off, so they need her to continue to work her magic.

    For all of you ESD followers, please enlighten me on why they settled, if you were all so sure that the case would be overturned on appeal. They settled (and I speculate for a fairly large amount, including lawyer fees for the Does) for over 4 million.

    But again, this will not allow the school to move forward until they get rid of Mayo.

  • help!

    Please make Erin Mayo leave. I know her and she will ruin that school if others haven’t already.
    When my kids left the school, I was so glad to leave Mayo behind. Most all the other teachers are great though.

  • ProudGraduate

    I was fortunate to graduate from ESD years ago. I am very proud of my diploma, and am especially grateful to my wonderful teachers- many of whom are still there and are as dedicated and innovative today as they were 25 years ago. They have continued to practice their craft through this difficult period, and our entire community is indebted to them for staying focused under some very trying conditions. Thank you, ESD Faculty!

    PS- I hope the settlement will bring some level of healing to Jane Doe and her family. I wish them the very best.

  • YouPeopleAreSoUneducated

    For everyone on this blog that says “Mayo needs to go” or “They need to keep clearing out the faculty” based upon what you read on a blog… You are simply the lowest and most uneducated form of people around. None of you should even be commenting on this entire situation unless you are a member of the ESD community or the Doe family. You’re all incredibly uneducated and it seems as though it would have been beneficial for most of you to attend ESD and actually learn something…

  • BlessYourLittleHeart

    Listen up, ESD true believers. YOU live in OUR community, and we have not only the right, but the obligation to protect children. No one is basing their opinion about Mayo, the board at ESD, etc. on this blog alone.

    Easy. School. Dallas.

  • CosmoMartini

    “Our house?” Your house is in “our community”. Sorry your bubble burst and spilled over in the real world, with real people, real questions, real opinions.

    Now get real.

  • MC

    I heard from a ESD board member that the settlement amount was multi-million.