Verdict in ESD Case Will Be Read at 9 a.m. Tomorrow

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  • CarolinaBorn

    The jurors must be dog-tired by now! And if they hold ESD accountable, they have MORE work to do? That’s rough on them.

    But no matter whether the trial ends tomorrow, or goes on and on with appeals ad infinitum, it seems apparent that ESD got hammered. So much exposure — of such ugly truths.
    And If Swann and Co are still allowed to run the school, they’ll be sure to put on extra-nice behavior now — which has to benefit current and future students there.

    So good for Jane, who spoke truth to power.

  • excited

    Thanks, Claire! You have been great.



  • amanda

    Yes, Claire, you’ve done an amazing job. And, regardless of the verdict and/or award, I hope this trial ENDS status quo at ESD and any other school.

  • CosmoMartini

    Why hold out the verdict? Is she hoping they’ll get together one last time to try and hammer out a deal to avoid what will certainly be a hot mess of contention and appeals in the aftermath of this?

    This has been a disaster all the way around. Its hard not to feel empathy for just about everyone….except the scumball teacher, Swann and Co (Burrow et al).

    Regardless of how the verdict plays out, ESDs reputation is tarnished. Its student body and strong faculty are collateral damaage in this story.

    This girl and family are traumatized.

    The Board of ESD is asleep at the wheel. The complete and utter hubris and cluelessness shown by Swann and other top administrators is beyond mindboggling.

    And the supporters who keep the blinders on to what needs to be fixed are just plain sad. Learn from this, ESD. Remove your board leadership and your top administrators. Do some deep deep reflection on lessons learned and opportunities for improvement.

    Forget about the girl, her parents, etc.

    All of this needs to happen, even if the verdict goes in your favor. Which I doubt it will. But even if it does.

  • Nancy

    CarolinaBorn you must be smoking crack. How has this trial been good for anyone but the attorneys? Good for Jane? I don’t see how. She got caught in a bunch of lies and she looks like some kind of towel waving Lolita!

    Before this trial I felt sorry for Jane. Not any more. I even felt bad for the Does before they started working with Campbell. Not any more. The only thing the Does can get here is money.

  • FomerESD DadX2

    @CarolinaBorn – Oh, yes! “Truth to power” indeed. If it wasn’t so sad, I’d be rolling on the floor laughing. Truth went out the window many weeks ago and isn’t even what is really being sought either in the courtroom or on this blog. Expressing the truth forcefully about the Does makes ESD look bad, or gets one’s comments edited off of this forum. ESD is caught in a bear trap of epic proportions. Problematic girl from problematic family gets caught up in something that shouldn’t be, yet some folks will still insist she is due million$$ because ESD is somehow supposed to have miraculous powers of precognition and took the very difficult step of protecting other ESD students (one of which was my child). If ESD representatives dare to publicly state what many of us know to be the truth about the situation, the school gets hammered. Any way you look at it, it really is all about the money. The hypocrisy of the plaintiffs and their representatives and supporters knows no limits.

  • Greed

    CHarla Aldrous should not be praised. Her eternal search for cash has taken down a school.m

  • Just saying

    @Carolinaborn your opinions have been very insightful and appreciated here in Texas. Claire you have posted blogs that have been very negative; and I have felt, very unjust about you. If you were biased you would not have put them up. I don’t believe you are biased, just being a good reporter. Thanks for all your hard work

  • stupid much??

    Oh, Nancy! You’re so cute when you’re totally clueless!

  • Just saying

    On another note, I want to state that I was once a parent who bought into my children’s private school can do know wrong. I then had an incident happen to a friends child, not to this magnitude, that was handled wrong. I realized through all the struggles she went through, until it happens to you or someone close to you, it is different. Like my mother who is deceased once said, “don’t judge those until you have walked in their shoes.” Compassion for others, unfortunately, often comes from ones own suffering. After raising two grown children, I do have compassion due to my mistakes made as a parent and also watching my children suffer through their adolescent, immature mistakes.

  • esdalum3

    all i said last time was carolinaborn is dumb and doesn’t know what the real truth is. i do. i know jane doe. [REDACTED]

  • Tired of those who support child rapists

    @Nancy – what lies was Jane caught in during the trial? The only people who have been caught in lies on the stand have been witnesses for ESD. It’s pretty pathetic that the plaintiff’s attorney was forced to remind ESD’s witnesses numerous times that depositions are, in fact, sworn testimony after catching repeated contradictions/lies. It’s even more pathetic that you’ve consistently sided with a rapist and those who chose to protect him over a 16 year-old GIRL who was systematically abused over a 7-month period by said rapist. Are you, by any chance, one of the ESD teachers or administrators who was caught committing perjury? Or are you the mother of the child rapist?

  • CosmoMartini

    @Nancy. Comment, please, on Swanns lies and hubris. Interested in your thoughts on something — anything– other than Does and money. Do you have any thoughts that actually go to Swann et al and their part? And please don’t answer with Does and money, Nancy. Interested in your thoughts on Swanns inconsistent testimony.

  • Factual Observer

    Judge delayed reading verdict for no reason other than to further help Plaintiff’s gather a bigger media pool to further drag ESD thru the mud. Fortunately in Dallas and Texas we have an impartial Court of Appeals where Ms Aldous is familiar with being reversed and a great Supreme Court. ESD will have to endure a loss tomorrow but will be vindicated for certain in the Appeal process. Sorry to all you ESD haters. It’s a great school that I’ve had great experiences with all my children that have attended.

  • Everyone picking on @Nancy….DON’T. She is only reflective of a culture we found in the school. After 5 years in the lower school, we opted out and didn’t send our other child there from a well known single sex school (and yes…the culture goes down to the lower school too). Don’t pick on @ Nancy…she is only representing a very large segment of the culture @ ESD which starts from the top down. Anyone paying private school tuition is paying (in part or whole) for a culture…this is what she is paying for. Capitalism is a great thing! Allow her to think and feel as the majority of the ESD community does. The only thing to be upset about is the mask of the “collar” and how profoundly unchristainlike her comments seem to be.

  • Can the Board actually fire Swann? I thought he was the person that started the school.

  • Greed

    Charla Aldrous should be ashamed. She and her cronies (John Edwards – remember that scumbag?) are why lawyers get such a bad reputation. You maynwin tomorrow Ms.Aldrous, but you will be denied on appeal.You know that drill very well, don’t you!

  • a real factual observer

    ESD is a good school. Many of the faculty are hard working and care. Many of the students are very good. This is fact. But the administration has to answer for this ethos that surrounds the school. Why is it so hard for those of you that have kids that go to ESD to see that the school needs to be fixed. How can you continue to blame the Does for all of this. Did they make up the other two testimonies? What are they getting out of this, really? They have to know that if they win tomorrow, ESD is going to appeal and this story keeps going on and on and on. As a parent, there is not enough money in the world to have my child relive an event like this in public over and over again.

    ESD is a Christian school, I get that. But if I remember my Christian theology correctly, only one thing on this earth was ever perfect and it (he) is not ESD. You can still love ESD, support ESD, be proud of ESD and see that it needs to fix some things.

    I have read over and over from some of these ESD supporters who say to blame the Does for this. They did not watch over their daughter, they should never have assumed that ESD was a safe place for her, they are culpable because they did not care enough to put in the tough love.

    Could that not also be true about ESD? Could you not say the same about the school?

    Those that support ESD and recognize that change needs to happen because of this are the ones that will help ESD get back its reputation, not those that are so blinded they can not see the truth.

  • again Not Nancy


    The hate you spew on these blogs is unnerving. Your blind obedience to ESD and it administration reminds me of the viral hate mongering that occurred back in the 1930’s in Europe. You should be ashamed of yourself. I do not know why you are filled is such anger and hate against a young lady who was abused not once, but twice by members of the same institution.

    I just pray that you are not a teacher or a parent for this world does not need someone like you sharing this mind set with our younger generation

  • got to justify the 20k per

    You called it Factual Observer(or rather non-factual observer), the judge is biased and just against poor ESD. I hope you realize that purgery charges are soon to come.
    Assuming an appeal? Are you going to cover the 500 per hour?
    Good luck with all that.

  • Donatella

    @Cosmo–totally agree that whatever the outcome of this ESD needs a major house cleaning starting at the top, but that’s easier said than done. A number of years ago I sat on the board of a N Dallas private school in an appointed position (based on another job I held at the school). I quickly learned that the bulk of the board was recruited by the head of the school. The board was basically a rubber stamp for the head–he even wrote his own contract with the chair of the board. Only when it came to light that he had a ridiculous golden parachute was there any push back by the board at large. Unfortunately for most of the board it was all about their egos and being in the “inner circle” and not about the students or teachers. I’m sure ESD is no different.

  • CarolinaBorn

    Awww esdalum3 — highly unlikely your posts are being erased based on any attacks towards me. I’m a grown woman — and tough as a boot besides. 🙂

    Sure, Former ESD DADX2. Swann’s motives were pure and his actions moral. Just like they were those other times he tried to boot and gag teachers’ victims there?

    And those many times he blustered and lied under oath? He was just protecting the “penitents”, right?

    Got it. When ESD teachers are caught abusing children, the way to protect other students is to silence their victims.

    “Precognition” my aunt fanny. I guess most parents would settle for a little integrity by those running the school.

  • esdalum3

    you might be a grown woman but you sure are not acting like one carolinaborn.
    and the teacher wasn’t abusing the student. i don’t know how many times i have to repeat myself.

  • Former ESD Dad X2

    @CarolinaBorn – You presume too much about other alleged incidents. As I stated, I am only speaking to the one incident I actually know about. I remain agnostic on any others at this point. When ESD teacher Campbell was caught in a relationship with JD2, the administration did what it thought best for the greatest good. Knowing something of the plaintiffs, I’d say the administration made the right choice. You obviously know nothing of the actual events leading up to this trial and are on some sort of crusade for your own reasons. You think the administration should exhibit integrity, but speaking hypothetically here, what if there was this problematic “Lolita -like” student who entered into a relationship with a teacher who was generally well liked and highly regarded? Further, just suppose that “Lolita” was … well… off putting to fellow students for one reason or another. What should the virtuous administration do that would pass your integrity test? Perhaps try to sweep the shortcomings of “Lolita” and her family under the rug, so to speak, after firing the teacher?

  • one who knows esd

    I am going with plantiffs for tomorrow morning. and an appeal by esd soon after.

  • CarolinaBorn

    Nancy! Did you ever see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Your constant attacks on Jane remind me of what the principal’s secretary told him when he was bitchin bout Ferris: “Made ya look like an ass, Ed.”

    And I mean “ass” in the biblical sense of course.

    Well, you go right ahead — keep on braying and pointing fingers at those evil Does. Can’t hardly blame ya. Cause this suit has uncovered a whole lot of truly despicable acts by ESD admins. Possibly criminal, in fact.

    Which just might lead to some changes there?

    So yeah — good for Jane.

  • one who knows esd


    over and over again, i guess. do you subscribe to the idea that if you say a lie often enough then people will believe it?

    as I told another alum, please do not post such silly comments. it only goes to help those that hate esd. if you truly are an esd alum, you should no better than to make such posts, if not,,,,,,then esd is as bad a school educationally as some here say.

  • do not like kool-aid

    former day x2,

    wow, what can I say. you are correct. esd did what it had to do. but maybe they should be talked to about going out and recruiting families who plan to have 3 or 4 children go through the school and have the last one go after a teacher for sexual purposes. that is just plain dumb of esd to have such an admissions requirement.

    i mean, you can not be a real father. no way. you must be some middle school kid whose parents are letting them stay up late.

    time for bed.

  • Former ESD Dad X2

    @CarolinaBorn – Just to lend context to my comments, not only did my daughter have Campbell as a teacher, my other child had a class with JD2. JD2 was most definitely a self-created distraction. I could provide more details, but suspect that the moderators here won’t allow that. You should know and appreciate that many comments from those of us who actually have insight into these events don’t get to share those insights on this blog.

  • @esdalum3: “and the teacher wasn’t abusing the student”?
    Did you really graduate from ESD? First of all, you don’t even capitalize “I” when it is a pronoun.
    Second of all, you may want to return to school to learn to read since you obviously were unable to read all of the evidence that confirmed he did sexually abuse her, including the “grooming” which is part of the sexual abuse process.
    Kind of embarrassing for the school to graduate students without basic reading and writing skills.

  • @greed: The correct spelling is Aldous, not Aldrous. And before accusing her and her “cronies” of giving lawyers a bad name, you might want to take a peek at the attorneys representing ESD before throwing stones from that glass house. FBI investigation, supporting legislation FOR sex offenders. They most likely intend to line their pockets for years with this case. Unless they get fired by ESD for poor representation?