Why Does Mary Kay Need its Own Private Security Company?

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  • jr

    why do you care.

  • Miguel Palacios

    Mary Kay, is a manufaturer with infrastructure, properties and inventories to protect. In ther manufacturing process they buy and store chemicals that if stolen, could be use for other than legal commercial purposes. They also conduct internal and external investigations on fraud, etc.


  • Reggie

    So what’s the point your making a company can’t protect it’s assets and employees,don’t be silly the police can’t be everywere

  • mlamb

    The “Protective Services” vehicles are driven by Richard & Ben’s offspring (because R & B DIDN’T use protection). The kids needed a J.O.B. (that dreadful word that horrifies anyone connected with MK)….so a J.O.B. was created for them. Simple.