Travel Club Cleans Up Act, But That’s Not Stopping Lawsuit

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  • Burford Wilson

    All the info on this company AIE is true, they practice on how to get your money by the greatness of their deceptive tactics. My wife and i paid 5,000.00 to this organization and could not even get good prices for our travels, I wish i could have been a witness like Mr Morrone, maybe i could have gotten a fair reimbursement for all we went through, all the wanted to give us was a vacation voucher, and we know all about theire vouchers, they are no good unless you put up a lot of more money with it.Hope all their presentations to try and lure honest people for free gifts and gas cards etc. get shut down. Just take all our hard earned monies for vacations, hotels we saved for and now can’t take them because of AIE, Royal Palms. Thanks for our broken dreams.