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Enter Retirement With a Purpose


Andy Raub.

Dallas-area retirement adviser Andy Raub has made a living helping people plan, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t like surprises. Not even at Walt Disney World.

He remembers one day, he got on a rollercoaster ride with a young grandson, and it “scared us both to death.”

Game Maker Builds on ‘TerraGenesis’ Success


Inspired by the movie The Martian, the game TerraGenesis is about modifying a planet’s environment. (Courtesy photo)

Alexander Winn, a 31-year old Highland Park native, is embarking on a new journey.

“I’ve thought for years that terraforming would make for a cool game mechanic,” Winn said of the hypothetical process of modifying the environment of a planet to make it habitable for Earth-based life.

Blank Moves Beyond Lawsuit


David Blank.

David Blank fought nearly two years to save his name.

In 2014, a Nashville attorney who had won financial settlements by making similar claims about other jewelers accused Blank’s business, the Diamond Doctor, of defrauding customers. Blank decided to fight.

“It took almost every ounce of my energy [not to settle],” Blank said. “Every single category of people that I had in my life were harassed.”

Luke’s Pint Striders Welcomes All Runners


Runners pass Bree Redwine during a Luke’s Pint Striders run on the Katy Trail. (Photo: Chirag Sainju)

Luke’s Locker sales associate Bree Redwine, organizer of Luke’s Pint Striders, sponsored by the premier running store’s SMU location, dragged a 60-quart Igloo cooler and heavy, wheeled suitcase up the steps to the uptown British Beverage Company, a destination sports bar for the start and end of the club’s weekly Katy Trail run.

After the 3–6-mile Thursday run, Pint Striders regularly participate in a random raffle. That evening lucky ticket holders picked up a 6-pack, beer stein, and bag of eucalyptus Epsom salt. But the loudest screams of delight were for the restaurant and clothing gift cards.

Law Limits Cities’ Take as 5G Spreads


A new law clamps down on how much municipalities can charge wireless carriers to mount 5G equipment within public rights-of-way.

Senate Bill 1004 went into effect Sept. 1, limiting local governments to collecting payment of $250 per network node per year. Many cities had planned to charge $1,000 per node or more.

“That [new amount] certainly, in my opinion, doesn’t compensate the city for the staff time to review these permit applications,” said Dale Harwell, University Park IT director.

Village Owners Refinance For Center’s Future


Highland Park Village officials hope to finish Building G renovations by next summer. (Photo: OMNIPLAN)

Owners of Highland Park Village, already undergoing major renovations to make room for more retail and a private club, have secured more funds to invest in the premier shopping center.

The owners of the center, a family partnership that includes Ray and Heather Hill Washburne and Stephen and Elisa Summers, recently refinanced the center for $225 million — $54 million more than the 2009 purchase price.