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Law Limits Cities’ Take as 5G Spreads


A new law clamps down on how much municipalities can charge wireless carriers to mount 5G equipment within public rights-of-way.

Senate Bill 1004 went into effect Sept. 1, limiting local governments to collecting payment of $250 per network node per year. Many cities had planned to charge $1,000 per node or more.

“That [new amount] certainly, in my opinion, doesn’t compensate the city for the staff time to review these permit applications,” said Dale Harwell, University Park IT director.

Village Owners Refinance For Center’s Future


Highland Park Village officials hope to finish Building G renovations by next summer. (Photo: OMNIPLAN)

Owners of Highland Park Village, already undergoing major renovations to make room for more retail and a private club, have secured more funds to invest in the premier shopping center.

The owners of the center, a family partnership that includes Ray and Heather Hill Washburne and Stephen and Elisa Summers, recently refinanced the center for $225 million — $54 million more than the 2009 purchase price.

Jarrell Co. Plans Renovation


The Jarrell Co. warehouse will become tenant showrooms. (Photo: Imani Chet Lytle)

The retro roto-sphere sign across Central Expressway from SMU may no longer rotate and blink, but the tall Dallas landmark still identifies a showroom of high-end appliances, plumbing, and decorative hardware.

Soon names identifying showrooms of other home improvement companies could join the Jarrell Company on the iconic sign.

“The top of the roto-sphere is 98 feet, so it’s way up there,” said architect Robert Kilduff.

Geena Davis to Address Gender Equality


Geena Davis. (Courtesy photo)

After hosting events in California for a decade, Comerica Bank is taking its Women’s Business Symposium on the road with sessions taking place across the country. The event will come to the Dallas area on Oct. 13 at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Irving.

“We are excited to expand this unique experience for women across the country,” the Dallas-based financial services company announced. The symposium will run from 11:15 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Comings and Goings


Asian Mint plans to open an Inwood Village location this fall. (Courtesy photo)


Asian Mint
Inwood Village

Inwood Village will be minted this fall with a popular North Dallas Asian-fusion restaurant. Asian Mint, already on Forest Lane and Oak Lawn Avenue, will open its third location in the Inwood Village space previously occupied by Café Istanbul. Since first opening on Forest Lane in 2005, founder Nikky Phinyawatana’s New Bangkok-style cuisine has garnered multiple awards and a large following.

A Sparkling Business Endeavor


Carat, cut, color, and clarity: four little words that can strike fear in a young man’s heart, and lighten his wallet.

Setting out to purchase an engagement ring, or any piece of diamond jewelry, can be a daunting task — one Diamonds Direct aims to make as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

“Our environment is always relaxed, hands-on, friendly, and informative,”said Senior Vice President Amit Berger.