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Try These Reads To Change Your Life

Have an issue? Not feeling your best? Want to do something new but need motivation? No problem – everyone has been there, and will be again. The solution is to learn from others who have gone before you.

During the past few years I’ve consumed tales, notions, and interviews about chasing your best you. That may mean building the big dreams, getting healthy, achieving financial stability, or changing the way you interact with people.

Here are some of my favorites. Hope one or two of them will inspire you, as well.

Dallas County Prepares for West Nile Season


Dallas County health and city officials are wasting no time jumpstarting their yearly offensive against the West Nile virus.

Health and Human Services representatives held a press conference recently to give prevention and clinical updates on the mosquito-based virus that has claimed 42 lives in Dallas since 2002 – including 20 in 2012.

Dallas County: Teen’s Death Brings Flu-Related Fatalities to 83

Dallas County Health and Human Services is reporting a 16-year-old Dallas County resident with a high-risk health condition has died after complications from the seasonal flu.

This is the fourth pediatric death in Dallas County for the 2017-2018 flu season, bringing the total number of flu-related deaths to 83. For medical confidentiality and personal privacy reasons, DCHHS does not provide additional identifying information.

Six Tips for Reducing Health Care Expenses

Understand your health plan coverage so you can get the most out of your plan, stay healthier, and even help save money in 2018.

Fully understanding how your health plan works not only can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs but also avoid surprise bills.

The following tips can help you get the most out of your benefits:

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Studies show one in three people are not getting a full night’s rest. (

Thomas Edison famously considered sleeping a “criminal waste of time, inherited from our cave days.”

Russell Foster disagrees with the prolific American inventor.

Local Farmers Are Back

Dallas Farmers Market. (Photo: Will van Overbeek)

Spring is rolling in and local farmers have been cultivating since January to bring us fresh veggies at area farmers markets.

Eating seasonally is a joy if you are a true foodie. Fruits and vegetables are a real pleasure at their optimum flavor and texture.

The Identity a Plastic Surgeon Sees

Dr. Jay Burns.

Attaining a true sense of oneself is something most people struggle with and unfortunately, something that is becoming increasingly problematic

Aaron Kheriaty, an associate professor of psychiatry and the head of Medical Ethics at University of California, Irvine, shines light on the concept of a healthy identity in his article, “Dying of Despair.”

He shares that smartphones have added to our already misguided sense of identity as we have become more self-absorbed, isolated, and are now comparing our lives to the “perfect” lives portrayed on social media.