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Symbol of The Season: Hearts

(Photo: Christy Rost)

As Christmas draws near, precious memories come flooding back: Randy’s and my first Christmas in Houston the year we married; Christmas in Paris gathered with our tiny sons around a tree that was already dropping needles when we purchased it in an outdoor market; all the magical Christmas mornings in our University Park home; and our first Christmas at Swan’s Nest, when we hauled breakfast and gifts from our tiny Colorado mountain condo to our 1898 historic house that was undergoing massive restoration, and sat on porch chairs in the living room, wearing heavy jackets, boots, hats, and gloves, with four propane heaters going full-blast. It was minus 17 degrees outside, and not much warmer in the house.

Charcoal in Your Stocking?

No one wants coal in their stocking at Christmas, but, what about charcoal? For that, I may want to be bad enough to get coal!

I first heard about the properties of activated charcoal years ago, at Whole Foods, where I was showed capsules supposed to help rid your body of toxins.

Activated charcoal has been used for years to treat venomous snake bites, upset stomachs, and mercury and alcohol poisoning.

Make It a Season for Sustainability

Bells ringing, cookies baking, ribbons tying. The merriment is joyous, but behind it is much excess and waste — which you can be a part of changing. Here are some areas to contribute to sustainability and make your holidays a little greener this year.

Try these ideas for achieving greener celebrations:

Say Yes to Gratitude


In Say Yes To Life, Ilse Anderson shares lessons she learned from her journey with cancer.
Clovercroft Publishing: $21.95 (Barnes & Noble)

We all face daunting challenges at some points in our lives. Whether the crisis involves health, career, relationships, the initial reaction is always fear.

I’m not talking about being scared, which is a natural response to the unknown. Being scared gets your adrenalin going so you can think clearly and act decisively. It has a purpose, and then it passes.

Feel Grateful This Thanksgiving


Serve a Thanksgiving menu rich in tradition around a beautifully decorated table. (Christy Rost)

My husband Randy and I love the time we spend in our Colorado mountain home, but as Thanksgiving draws near, our focus shifts to family gatherings.

Each year, shortly before Dallas-area oak leaves turn red and yards overflow with colorful chrysanthemums, we return home to share this beautiful season with loved ones.

Take Cues From Your Cat

“Declawing should never be an option — it’s like pull-ing off your finger or toe nails.”

Cats have charmed many of us into lifelong (theirs) submission (ours).

Growing up, my family usually had a cat around, and throughout my life random felines have found me and moved in (my latest crawled out of a drain behind my house patchy, starving, and affectionate — oy!).

Here are some interesting notes on this peculiar species we have welcomed into our homes.