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Ten Simple Tips To Purge and Organize with Balance

It’s summer, when days are long and natural light floods into your living space.

Does your living space appreciate the sunshine? Or does it glare with excess clutter and overflowing chaos?

If the clutter wins, then summer is the perfect time to get organized.

But where do you begin?

Hot Eco Enemy: Plastic Straws

You may have caught wind of this, already. Various establishments which serve drinks are hopping on board the “no plastic straw” train. This is a good thing, Dallas, and I encourage you to get behind this movement!

In February 2018, National Geographic reported that Americans use 500 million straws – every day. That’s just in America, guys. And every one of those straws is still somewhere on this planet.

Surprised Babies Learn About Science

Krisi Johnson and daughter Pearl experiment with a fan and scarf. (Photo: Bianca Montes)

Pearl Johnson’s face filled with amazement as she watched pale pink and yellow scarves flutter above a fan.

Her excitement grew as air billowed under the scarf, causing it to lift and take flight.

What the 8-month-old might not realize, though, is that she was embarking on her first lesson in aerospace engineering.

We Got the Scoop on Summer Treats

Who says ice cream cones get to have all the fun? Venture out of your comfort zone and indulge your sweet tooth this season with something new and fresh.

From a cupcake sundae to a frozen cocktail, we took the initiative to scope out the neighborhood for summer delights everyone would enjoy.

Take Two Sonnets and Call Me in the Morning

Poetic physicians embrace healing potential of verse.

Dr. John Stone kept an inch-thick stack of notecards in his pocket wherever he went.

The late physician used them to record short observations, interactions, and people’s mannerisms – information that could then be used for his second passion: poetry.

Film Fest-ing Is Fun

Do you like traveling? Learning new things? Exposure to different cultures and new ideas? Laughing, crying and… popcorn? Then film fest-ing is for you.

I started my career in Hollywood complete with movie stars, special effects, elaborate sets – the whole shebang. A decade in I got burnt out and stopped watching movies for many years after leaving the industry.

Children Suffer When Parents Abuse Alcohol and Drugs

(Photo: Mark DiCicco)

We are all profoundly influenced by the people who raise us.

These influences include not only the genetic information we inherit from our parents, but also learned behaviors and habits, morals, and personal values, as well as the ways we relate to others – both physically (through communication) and mentally (through empathy and understanding).

With approximately 18 million individuals in the United States addicted to alcohol, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates about 26.8 million children are exposed to alcoholism in their family every year.