Westhollow Seeks Neighborhood Unity

Map: E. Ygartua
(Map: E. Ygartua)
  • Lord Voldermort

    Mr. Lord claims there are only 3 detractors. I can tell you there are a lot more than 3. There has been so much discord over what the Westhollow Society has done, that the moderators of a website used by members of local neighborhoods have forbidden any new posts that reference the words “Westhollow” or “PID”. Three detractors could not have caused that response from the moderators of 13 neighborhoods.

    When Mr. Lord saw the majority of people were not for his PID proposal, he went to his other website, Westhollow Today, and created a fictitious article where it appeared he was being interviewed. Close examination of that article (http://westhollow.net/2015/12/02/westhollow-society-undaunted/) shows how clumsily he tries to go back and forth between being the interviewer and interviewee.

    I have personally heard from City Council for District 13, Jennifer Staubach Gates, who said she advised Mr. Lord that his proposal for a PID was not what it was intended to be used for. Neither she nor her office support the Westhollow PID efforts. One would think if it was such a good proposal, her office would be all for it. Then again, look at the other articles on Westhollow Today, and you will see that Mr. Lord does not post many nice things about her. See a trend?

    And lets get back to the creation of Westhollow. Mr. Lord, who is a real estate agent, had a post on Edict Realty’s website blog about why he came up with the idea. That post has now been deleted. Why? Was it because it fully explained his true motives? Since nothing is ever fully erased from the internet, I’m sure it can be found.

    Mr. Lord is getting pushback on his PID proposal because people simply do not want to pay more taxes. Bond packages are used to repair roads and he knows it, his own alley is scheduled to be repaired this coming spring. A PID would never be able to pay for the types of street repairs they talk about, even if it were in existence for many years. A simple search of the City of Dallas Public Works website (http://gis.dallascityhall.com/bond/council.htm?district=13) shows a list of projects and you can find their costs. Some are easily over $1M.

    What this all boils down to is Mr. Lord’s ego, and the bruising it has taken over this PID issue. He plays the victim saying he has been personally attacked, then goes and posts a fictitious article on the news website he created.

  • Chan Bright

    The same people trolling every article, every time.
    Thanks for your support in trying to make our community the best it can be. With neighbors like you….

  • Mimi Gibson

    I see that they’ve made corrections on the Westhollow Society website about PID’s… finally.