“Casey” Does Not Work For CrossFit

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  • kf

    I was at Central Market today (2-14-13) in Austin at 7:30pm and saw “Casey” (who also scammed me last week) in his neon gym shoes and called 911…and followed him. The Austin police pulled him over and know his identity. If anyone has been scammed by him please reply to this post and file a report with your police department. Reference Austin police case number 13-0451698.

  • Becca

    “Casey” paid my fiance a visit in early February of 2013. We live off South 1st in Austin and he claimed to have recently moved to the area. He pretty much immediately went crazy and was on the brink of being aggressive, but we thought he was just a roided out meathead…until now. Be on the lookout.

  • M

    hate to admit it, but I too was a victim of “Casey” – in early February 2013 he came to the door, and since I do crossfit too, I guess I was more gullible. I did think it strange any Crossfit group would be having people go door to door to raise money for a “competition”. He even named his coach (although I don’t remember the name) and said his Crossfit group was from Round Rock. He claimed he lived on Shoal Creek Blvd and walked his two dogs (I think he said a lab and a French bull dog) which I was sure I had seen before!! he probably JUST saw them before approaching my house because the guy who actually owns & walks them (I have recently noticed) looks a bit like “Casey” – I also thought it odd he drove ALL the way to Round Rock from our neighborhood (I mentioned this to him) and he explained his loyalty to this great coach and I understood that because I LOVE my coach! He appeared very fit so it just didn’t seem like anything too suspicious?

    long story short – I totally fell for it! he had some standardized forms which I have seen before. Usually used by those magazine salespeople and other fundraising things – he appeared legit. the sponsorship was like $150 and he was accepting “partial” sponsorships – so I gave $20 or 25 in cash. I WAS a bit suspicious when he said he could not give me the receipt until he had the full $150 from other neighbors – so he would mail it to me. Guess that’s the last I’ll see of that. He talked so much so fast, my husband thought he was on speed, while I just thought he was energetic….maybe too much energy drink! Will be sure to contact police now that I know this was a scam!

  • M

    sorry, I should have mentioned, I live in the Rosedale neighborhood of Austin TX – he basically told me he lived a few blocks from me and really played it up like I had probably seen him walking his dogs etc.

  • djr214

    Casey was here tonight- Oak Lawn area N of Lemmon in Dallas. Very fast talker, said he was a neighbor, won cross fit compet, went to college in OR, was collecting $ for children, etc etc, I asked for his street address & he couldn’t give it. I went in & closed the door.

  • chris

    I live in atlanta georgia and casey just hit us up 3 days ago. Good looking guy, athletic, sold us the same billl of goods. The funny thing is my daughter tells my wife and i, “how do you know he’s not scamming you guys?” Damn kids. Lol