End of Summer Shimmer


August means the wind down of summer. Even though it’s still in full swing, you are starting to think about school plans, fall events, wardrobes, etc. But it’s still summer, although now we have a little more vitamin D and color on our skin from the glorious sun.

This month always evokes thoughts of a bronze glow, metallics, and shimmer for me. One part of the summer that’s refreshing is wearing a lot less makeup and the ability to be a bit more natural. To get a “just back from Saint Tropez” radiant, glowing complexion, you don’t need much: bronzer, a breathtaking pink blush with gold flecks, and the perfect complement to both – a highlighter.

Not Enough Tomatoes


The greenhouse at NorthPark Presbyterian Church will be used to grow tomatoes for area food pantries. (Photo: M.E. Clary)

Seeing that Vickery Meadow Food Pantry didn’t have any fresh produce to offer, Keri McCall began showing up seven years ago with two or three sacks full.

“But there would be 70 people in line,” she said. “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this isn’t enough.’”

Building on a Sunday School class’s idea, McCall started a small garden on the NorthPark Presbyterian Church grounds.

“It’s great to sit and read your Bible, but we really need to be doing things,” McCall said.

Sharing God and Dog


Rev. William Miller and his dog, Nawiliwili Nelson, visit with their friend, Kevin Thornton, of Fort Worth. (Courtesy William Miller)

On a trip that will take them from the Abita Brewery near New Orleans to Mount View Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, Rev. Bill Miller and Nawiliwili Nelson are having one last “howlelujah.”

‘Wili,’ Miller’s 12-year-old terrier mix, is hoping to hit all his “barket” list items as his days on Earth are drawing to an end. Almost a year ago, the dog was diagnosed with cancer and has outlived his prognosis several times over.

“I remember the day he got sick,” Miller said. “I broke down and sobbed, because Wili and I have an unbelievable bond.”

Being Choozy


Sharon Blumburg started Chooze in 2011. (Photo: Tanner Garza)

Inspired by their daughter’s creative spirit and love of mismatched shoes, Dallas residents Marc and Sharon Blumberg launched Chooze, an online children’s footwear company, in 2011.

The purpose for the venture: instilling in children of all ages the virtues of “creativity, confidence, and power to have a positive impact on the world.”

“I’ve always loved this whole idea of inspiring kids with creativity,” Sharon said.

The Bombs Return to Dallas


Though often scattered to different cities and campuses, members of The Bombs still find time to get together, make new music, and perform. (Courtesy photo)

It’s Wednesday night at a pub in Brighton, England, and Lakehill Prep alumna Carrie Cohen is still hard at work. While patrons around her live it up over a couple of pints, she fields calls from back home in the U.S. inquiring about her band, The Bombs.

“Now that everyone has gone off to college, it’s a little harder for us to play, but we try to do what we can for now,” Carrie said.

The group’s members are scattered across the globe, but will soon reconvene for an August show at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum. They plan to preview new material from their upcoming album, tentatively titled E is for Egg Over Easy.