Entertainment Stars


It’s no secret that the Park Cities and Preston Hollow has harbored some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. Some were born and raised here, while others are more recent to the area. Either way, the area is home to an extensive list of celebrities. Here are some notable names from that list.

Jayne Mansfield

(Jayne Mansfield)

The 1950s and 60s-era movie star and Highland Park High School graduate is generally regarded as one of the biggest sex symbols of her time. Her acting career began with some small theater work at the University of Dallas. She later moved to California and got her big break when she landed the lead role in the 1957 film The Burglar. Mansfield died tragically in a 1967 car accident when she was only 34.

Nobody Knows Pitch Counts Better


Former Thomas Jefferson standout Jimmy Jones coaches minor league pitchers for the San Antonio Missions. (Photo: Chris McGathey)

Ask Jimmy Jones about the time he threw 251 pitches in a high school baseball playoff game, and his first recollection won’t be about arm fatigue, the 16 innings he threw, the home run he blasted, or the 28 hitters he struck out.

“I remember we lost,” Jones said about the day Thomas Jefferson fell to Texarkana 7-6 in the opening game of a state quarterfinal playoff series at Reverchon Park.

Still, the game is best known these days for Jones’ pitch count, which remains a national record that almost certainly will never be broken during the modern era, in which overuse of young pitchers is heavily scrutinized and bullpen roles are more specialized.

Community Leaders


Leadership is a key driving force behind a successful community. Through various endeavors, these residents have helped lead the Park Cities and Preston Hollow to the prosperous communities they are today.

Melinda Gates

Dallas native and Ursuline Academy alum Melinda Gates has made her mark in philanthropy and global development through her work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2016, President Barack Obama presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work.

August Re-entry


In a psychological study, 99 percent of people who were shown an abstract shape, which looked like a figure eight that didn’t close in the middle with an oblong neck on one end, said it resembled a guitar. But 1 percent saw something else.

One young boy said it resembled a horse. He added that from an airplane, it would sort of look like a fat old horse with its head bent down nibbling grass. Whoa. Now there’s some imagination.

Bored? Got the summer blahs? It is, after all, the dog days of summer. (Factoid: Dog days refers to ancient beliefs that the brightest star in the constellation of the Dog, Sirius, rose and set with the sun during July in the Northern Hemisphere, which must have added heat to the sun. There, so now you know.) Try a new perspective.

Dallas Women’s Foundation Receives $50,000 Gift


Retired American Airlines executive Bev Goulet and Dallas Women’s Foundation president and CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson celebrate a $50,000 grant that will help fund a new initiative. (Courtesy photo)

American Airlines donated $50,000 to the Dallas Women’s Foundation in honor of Bev Goulet, who recently retired after 24 years with the company. She has been a strong supporter of the foundation, as well as a member of its board and executive committee.

“This gift is a reflection of the great heart of American Airlines, and I am very proud that the company made this grant in my honor to an organization and undertaking that mean so much to me personally,” Goulet said.

Keeping Up With The Bushes


(Photo: Grant Miller)

Home to team owners and corporate CEOs, west Preston Hollow boasted a presidential reputation before the Bushes “retired” to their gated cul-de-sac and entered a new phase of public service.

But as prestigious as an address in the estate area known as “the honey pot” can be, 10141 Daria Place just isn’t 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., nor even Austin’s 1010 Colorado St.

“Life in the White House is pretty nice,” Laura Bush reminisced with Cherie Blair during a program this spring on the roles of first ladies. “It’s hard to live without a chef.”