Yellow Rose Gala to Honor Bateman


downloadUniversity Park’s Walker H. Bateman will receive the Dee Wyne Courage Award for his commitment to the city of Dallas at this year’s Yellow Rose Gala. Bateman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nearly 25 years ago.

Bateman has been a member of the North Texas chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society,  the Highland Park ISD board trustees, and the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. He also enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, who he calls his greatest accomplishments.

Partnering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Yellow Rose Gala will be held on April.

The Night After Christmas, and All through the Spring


I like to travel on Christmas Day to see my grandchildren, when nobody’s in the airport except for skeletal crews.

As spring approaches, Christmas 2016 is finally over for me and American Eagle airlines. That would be American’s regional partner, Mesa Airlines, which is the only way to get to Lexington, Kentucky. Period. Zero competition. It’s cheaper to fly to New York or L.A. than to fly “the Eagle” to this small city on one of its two daily offerings.

The day dawned gorgeous with all the blizzards and extreme weather on the coasts, not in the middle of the country. As expected, the plane was not full so I was upgraded, and it was only running 25 minutes late. I was anticipating a Christmas feast so I hadn’t brought food, although through the two and a half hours plus time change you only get pretzels, even in first class. Just as we were descending in a mid-afternoon fog, wheels down about to touch down, I sneaked on my phone to see a text from my parked daughter: “Where U? Peeps coming out w bags. Baby crying.”

Police Reports: Feb. 20-26



Between 7 p.m. Feb. 22 and 8 a.m. Feb. 23, someone scratched the paint of a vehicle parked at a home in the 4500 block of Druid Lane.


22 Wednesday
Between 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Feb. 22, one or more burglars pried open the window of a vehicle parked at the CVS pharmacy on Westchester Drive and removed property.

Classic Rock

The Dallas String quartet gets electric with unlikely repertoire. (Courtesy photo Dallas String Quartet) 0
The Dallas String quartet gets electric with unlikely repertoire. (Courtesy photo Dallas String Quartet)

The Dallas String Quartet is grappling with a bit of an identity problem.

Its name conjures visions of the traditional foursome that it has long been, performing renowned classical music compositions for guests at elegant galas, weddings, and even for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

But the quartet is also building a solid reputation as a rock act.

Student leader hones skills at Camp 43

At Camp 43, teens take personality tests, study leadership and meet potential mentors from government and industry.
(Courtesy Bobbi Gruner) 0
At Camp 43, teens take personality tests, study leadership and meet potential mentors from government and industry. (Courtesy Bobbi Gruner)

Hannah Wimberly, 17, likes to take charge at two high school campuses, so attending a camp focused on leadership seemed like the logical thing to do.

The senior takes her classes at Jack E. Singley Academy and serves as Junior ROTC logistics officer for the Cardinal Battalion at MacArthur High School in Irving.

Last year, she attended Camp 43: Leader of One, Leader of Many at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at SMU. She recently answered questions about her experiences at that camp.

Why did you decide to apply?

I decided to apply because I have always had a proclivity for leadership. I wanted to learn more about the art thereof. I am known for habitually taking charge in most situations presented to me. I wanted to improve my efficiency and capabilities. My AP U.S. History teacher is a docent at the Bush Library, and told me, and my class about Camp 43. He thought I would greatly benefit from the knowledge gleaned during my attendance. I also love history so getting to spend three days in a museum fascinated, and excited me.

House of the Month – 4218 Arcady Avenue

(Courtesy photos: Allie Beth Allman & Associates) 0
(Courtesy photos: Allie Beth Allman & Associates)

This stately Highland Park house was built by Tatum Brown Custom Homes in 2015. Stone and wood floors accent the 12-room abode, which includes five bedrooms, as well as a gentlemen’s library and bar. The family room and kitchen overlook a spacious backyard, which boasts both open and covered terraces ideal for entertaining. Interior features include a built-in wine cooler, an elevator, multiple staircases, and an attached 3-car garage. Classic plaster detailing with stone accents gives the estate an air of sophistication.

The Camera is Rolling – You’re On


Hey you, yes you! What’s your show about? What’s the next development? What I mean to say is — this is it! There is no dress rehearsal for life. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to affect the world around you — from your closest allies to the greater good? In Zig Ziglar’s book, Over The Top, he writes, “Live like the camera is on and the mic is always rolling.” (For those of you born in the digital era, film and sound tape used to “roll” i.e. spool around reels as it was recording or playing).

This quote inspires me in a few ways, one being — go for it! There won’t be a “next time I’m 25 (or 30 or 50!), I’ll…” Don’t wait to get healthier or learn to paint or apologize to that friend for, ya know, that thing you shouldn’t have said. Grab the reins and change your life now.