Cohen’s Missive to Lamplighter Community

At the risk of beating this into the ground, here is an e-mail sent today by Headmaster Arnold Cohen to Lamplighter parents and faculty:

Dear Lamplighter Community:

I want to thank all of you who have sent me messages and expressed your support for my administration following the recent actions of members of the Lamplighter Board.

As you know, I filed a lawsuit against the School last week in order to protect my ability to administer the School without interference.  I am terribly disappointed that certain members of the Board have placed me in this position after a decade of positive growth and achievement.  Each of you should know the facts regarding the current dispute.  Therefore, I attach to this note a copy of my lawsuit against the School and two members of the Board.

It is with great honor and responsibility that I served as the Head of School at Lamplighter.  My lawsuit reflects my commitment to the well-being and future of the School.

I hope each of you and your children have a wonderful summer.

Arnold Cohen

One thought on “Cohen’s Missive to Lamplighter Community

  • June 24, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Dr. Cohen should stop his publicity campaign immediately. While there may be many with unclean hands in this mess, the parents who support the school and the students who love the school are the only ones who are entitled to be appalled by the conduct here. If Dr. Cohen truly cares about the future and well being of the Lamplighter School, he will resolve his case and move on to another phase of his career. Regardless what the true facts may have been (and I express no opinion on that front), Dr. Cohen is now a lightling rod for rancor and dissent. The Board of Trustees, Mrs. Pollack and Mr. Miller should also put their own feelings aside and reach a reasonable compromise with Dr. Cohen. To engage in protracted litigation is a distraction that could destroy the Lamplighter school.


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