Bikers’ Freeway Takeover Attracts Police Attention

While the news of motorcyclists performing dangerous stunts on Central Expressway and the Dallas North Tollway is nothing new, the police response to the latest takeover is. This video posted on NBC-DFW’s website (with an 83 percent “furious” emotional reaction), shows that law enforcement are giving more effort than usual to identify the offenders of a Memorial Day ride that shut down Central Expressway for four minutes.

When I first wrote about the trend of stunt riding on public roads last August, Senior Corporal Kevin Janse of the Dallas Police Department expressed frustration with the brevity of the crime, saying it didn’t allow for a police response. But with scores of videos and photos posted online, as well as a number of angry eye-witnesses, the Memorial Day ride might prove more fertile ground for identifying and capturing the culprits.

While most people agree stunt riding on the freeway is no bueno, what about the merits of the sport in general? Should stunt riders be given a proper venue to showcase their skills, a-la- skate and snowboarding parks?

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