Plaza Interrupted

Stopped by some of your favorite neighborhood restaurants and shops recently, such as R+D Kitchen, Taco Diner, Hillstone, and Sprinkles Cupcakes? If so, you must have noticed the large construction project smack in the middle of The Plaza at Preston Center. These blockades, bulldozers, and other building materials are courtesy of the ongoing construction of a five-story office and retail complex. The project, aimed to be completed by winter 2012, will also house the University Park Library and a multi-level parking garage.

How has your shopping been altered? Lucky Dog Bakery, Mel Crews, and Park Plaza Salon reconfigured their floor design to open from the rear entrance. Other shops — such as Corner Bakery Café, American Express Travel, Montana Salon, Occhliali Modern Optics, and Matthew Trent Jewelry Design Studio — have relocated within the Plaza.

Any perks to the mess? A complementary valet system is offered so you do not have to navigate the disarray. Also, a plexiglass viewing area will be added so everyone can see the action.

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