Are You a Human Statue? Want to Make $800?

I’m not sure where this is in Dallas, but it’s the most EPIC ad I’ve ever seen. Via Craigslist:

Having an EPIC party that will literally make the attendees feel like they are in a scene from a movie! I need Human Statues to make this party really come to life…

Both Male and Female must be 18 and older (DUH) Some of you will wear Classic Greek robes some will be dressed like the mythological gods some will be nude

Pays 100.00 per hour (4 hours)

Nude Pays 200.00 per hour ( 4 hours)

Send a recent photo and YOU MUST BE IN SHAPE…NO old folks and no ugly people please…

I’m not an old folk, and I don’t think I’m ugly. See you suckers $800 later.

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