Talking Trash With Liz and Jeff Helfrich

People should recycle more. That’s the basic premise behind this Preston Hollow couple’s combination trashcan/recycling bin, the Solecan. The “Sole” stands for a lot of things — the term “environmental footprint” comes to mind, naturally — but primarily, the moniker is intended to signify that the corner-sized Solecan is the only one you need.

The only problem: the Helfriches — who are first-time inventors — need $40,000 to purchase the mold that will allow for mass production of their prototype. If their Kickstarter campaign succeeds, you could soon see the Solecan in bathrooms, offices, dorm rooms…anywhere outside the kitchen, basically. Want (way) more information? Pick up a copy of this week’s Preston Hollow People for the full story. And when you’re finished reading the article, do the Helfriches a favor: recycle it.

One thought on “Talking Trash With Liz and Jeff Helfrich

  • January 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Hello Mr Helfrich,
    I am sorry to disturb you but I need to ask a question about your Solecan.
    I am a sophomore at the International School of Indiana, where we have a Design Technology summative where I have to find a better trash can for our school. I found online that yu have the Solecan and i thought that it would be a perfect fit because it is clean, recyclable, eco-friendly and has a nice design with an easy access to place trash and recyclables inside. I searched online, but i cannot seem to find where to buy them.
    I read online that the found has finished, so there are no more Solcan produced. Am I correct?

    If there is any way you could get me a few of the trash cans, it would be wonderful.
    Thank you


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