Seniors Host Seniors at Cambridge School

Sophomore Robert Farrow hosted his grandparents, Jan Pickens, Genie Farrow, and Ed Farrow

We’re used to people sending in pictures of elementary students hosting their grandparents for on-campus visits. But these are the first I can recall of high schoolers doing the same.

On Thursday and Friday, Cambridge School students’ grandparents were invited to have lunch with their grandchildren and see the 12th-graders present their Senior Tutorials.

The Senior Tutorial is the capstone of the Cambridge curriculum and is required for graduation. Its purpose is to provide students with an occasion to research a topic in depth, to formulate a thesis worthy of debate, to write and refine a rigorous academic paper, and to defend their thesis publicly before an academic committee.

Senior Elena Frattaroli and junior Marina Frattaroli hosted their parents, Christopher and Tracey Frattaroli, and their grandmother Diane Taylor. Tracey chairs Cambridge’s board of trustees.

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