Drug-Free Students Win Calendar Art Contest

Several elementary and middle-school artists from local schools were named winners in the 2015 CARE (Chemical Awareness Resources and Education) calendar contest.

The winners include Ilanna Feldman and Jnana Velamuri from Greenhill; Sebastian Guzik and Sam Steubing from ESD; and Cate Goglia, Minjie Kwan, Abby Ruble, Hanna Zhang, and Riley Carter from Hockaday.

Each year, students in grades 1-8 are invited to submit artwork promoting abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The art is displayed at NorthPark Center, and one winner’s art will be published on CARE’s online calendar each month.

CARE is a nonprofit organization that funds classes for families struggling with substance abuse and provides speakers for students, parents, and educators throughout the Dallas area.

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