Velvet Taco to Land at Preston/Forest

Dallas-based Velvet Taco is expanding north to the intersection of Preston Road and Forest Lane.

The upscale taqueria chain has a Summer 2018 opening date listed on its website for the Preston/Forest location. The address: 11700 Preston Road, where Fossee’s Shoes set up shop for several decades.

Velvet Taco first opened on Henderson Avenue in 2011 and has another Dallas location on Greenville Avenue. Other restaurants are in Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston.

The chain’s “WTF” weekly taco feature has grown in popularity at other locations, and basically creates limited time tacos that “explore the world.” For example, a vindaloo flank and hemp taco that’s served in a warm flour tortilla with vindaloo sauce, buttery cilantro, rice, house shred, flank steak, raita crema, hemp seeds, and topped with micro cilantro.

Construction on the 3,400-square-foot eaters is expected to begin in March.