Crime Reports: March 4 – 10


Car thieves dominated the March 4 police reports. Taken: a vehicle before 8:13 a.m. in the 4900 block of Harvest Hill Road,  another before 8:47 a.m. in the 4300 block of Ridge Road, another before 10:47 a.m. in the 4300 block of Hockaday Drive, another before 12:30 p.m. in the 5100 block of Hanover Avenue, and another before 2:43 p.m. in the 6500 block of Pemberton Drive.


4 Monday

Burglarized before 12:33 p.m.: a vehicle at a construction site in the 5300 block of Yolanda Lane.

Reported at 12:37 p.m.: street racing in the 6400 block of Royal Lane.

Burglarized before 1:51 p.m.: a vehicle parked in the 4900 block of Mill Run Road.

Broken into and rummaged through before 4:18 p.m.: a vehicle parked in the 6400 block of Meadow Road. Nothing was reported stolen.

5 Tuesday

Stolen before  5:11 a.m.: a vehicle in the 3800 block of Northwest Highway.

Burglarized before 8:15 a.m.: a vehicle parked in the 10700 block of St. Michaels Drive.

Reported at 10:29 a.m.: a 53-year-old woman’s cell phone was stolen while she was at Preston Center.

Backed into before 10:29 a.m.: a plumber’s vehicle at Preston Commons. The culprit drove off without leaving information.

Arrested at 1:12 p.m.:  a 17-year-old girl accused of shoplifting from Nordstrom at NorthPark Center.

Fraud was reported at 4:05 p.m. from NorthPark Center. A fake Texas drivers license and fake credit cards were confiscated.

Stolen before 5:50 p.m.: a truck from the 6400 block of Stefani Drive.

Hit before 7 p.m.: a vehicle parked at Preston Royal.

6 Wednesday

Stolen before 1:06 p.m.: a vehicle parked in the 4200 block of Alta Vista Lane.

A reckless driver fled at 3:51 p.m. after a wreck in the 5400 block of Lovers Lane.

It was a tough two days for a 43-year-old Lewisville man who reported at 4:45 p.m. March 6 the theft of a vehicle from the 4700 block of Gulfstream Drive and then reported at 3:51 p.m. March 7 the theft of a vehicle from the 4800 block the same street.

7 Thursday

Stolen sometime before 11:36 a.m.: a vehicle near Hilton Dallas/Park Cities on Luther Lane.

Sometimes your future’s not bright enough to justify shades. Arrested at 2 p.m.: a 31-year-old man accused of shoplifting from Ray-Ban at NorthPark Center.

Stolen before 5:55 p.m. in the 4600 block of Sugar Mill Road: a vehicle with keys left inside

8 Friday

Arrested in the 6400 block of Meadow Road at 2:34 a.m.: a 50-year-old man accused of possession of methamphetamine and facing two outstanding warrants.

Stolen before 5:36 a.m.: a vehicle parked at apartments in the 3800 block of Northwest Highway.

Taken before 10:02 a.m.: a commercial jackhammer – part of a front-end loader – from an Atmos construction site in the 9000 block of Midway Road.

Stolen before 3:50 p.m.: a vehicle from a parking lot at NorthPark Center.

Reported at 5:42 p.m.: Flower pots were stolen on March 5 from a home in the 11000 block of Lawn Haven Road.

Reported at 5:50 p.m.: the theft of a truck in the 6400 block of Stefani Drive.

Arrested at 11 p.m.: a 27-year-old woman accused of stealing from Macy’s at NorthPark Center.

9 Saturday

A 28-year-old man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at 2:27 a.m. at the 5100 block of Northwest Highway.

Stolen before 11:04 a.m.: a paper tag off a vehicle parked at apartments in the 6400 block of Park Lane.

10 Sunday

Broken into overnight before 7:28 a.m.: Clotheshorse Anonymous at Preston Forest Shopping Center.

Reported at 10:15 a.m. at the Market at Preston Forest: A dog bit a 31-year-old Sachse woman on the stomach and right hand.

Stolen before 2:49 p.m.: a vehicle from the 6600 block of Northwood Road.

Reported around 4:20 p.m.: the discharge of a firearm into the air and at a vehicle in the 6200 block of Desco Drive where a large group of people were present.

Reported at 6 p.m.: failure to leave information after striking a vehicle parked at Preston Royal.

Stolen before 9:08 p.m.: a vehicle from the 5800 block of St. Mark’s Circle.

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