Gates Wins Big In D13; Johnson, Griggs Make Mayoral Runoff

Incumbent Jennifer Staubach Gates won reelection Saturday with nearly two to one lead over former mayor Laura Miller in the District 13 Dallas City Council race, while the mayor’s race was headed for a runoff between Eric Johnson and Scott Griggs, according to the Dallas County elections office.

“I am very grateful for my wide neighborhood support tonight,” Gates tweeted. “Incredibly grateful for the support & love of my family through this campaign but most of all thank you D13 voters!”

Johnson emerged in the lead after the counting of early votes and continued to lead with more than 20 percent of votes with most precincts reporting. Since no candidate emerged with more than 50 percent of the vote there will be a runoff in June.

Scott Griggs, the council member from Oak Cliff, appears headed for the runoff came in second with more than 18 percent of the vote in the nine candidate race, according to final, but unofficial returns.

The next closest candidates were Lynn McBee with a little more than 14 percent and Mike Ablon a little less than 14 percent.

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