Dallas Sheriffs Stretch at Preston Center

It’s typical to see law enforcement officers taking care of others. But when it comes to caring for themselves, that’s another story.

Enter the new Self-Care Initiative started by Dallas County Sheriff Senior Sgt. Nathan Wilson, and its initial partner: Stretch Zone Dallas.

“These Sheriffs need more self-care and revitalization than anyone on some days – they’re carrying up to 50 pounds of gear and are constantly in high alert situations,” said Wilson. “When we found Stretch Zone, it was the perfect way to kick off our Self-Care Initiative because it’s only 30 minutes, and the increased mobility and reduced tension our Sheriffs experience not only helps them relax but is also imperative to helping them do their job better.”

Stretch Zone, with locations in Preston Center and Plano, was the very first stretch-only studio to come to the Big D when it first opened in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Their trained practitioners help clients achieve a variety of wellness goals, from increased mobility to injury recovery and everything in between.

Dallas County Sheriffs’ partnership with Stretch Zone is the first corporate partnership in its Wellness Program, focused on enhancing work-life balance.

Through qualifying events in the wellness program – like visiting Stretch Zone – Sheriff Department employees can earn points that they can redeem for cash. To kick off the program, they’ve selected a dozen members in various capacities of law enforcement to participate.

The focus and mantra are “how can we do our best, if we’re not at our best?”

“Working with the Dallas County Sheriffs as their first partner in their new Self-Care and Wellness Initiative is so meaningful for Stretch Zone,” said Becca Menhart, general manager of Stretch Zone’s Dallas and Plano locations. “Being able to help these men and women take a few minutes out of their day to focus on themselves when they spend the majority of their days looking after our communities is a true privilege. We hope that through the power of stretching, these Sheriffs find mental and physical recovery.”


Bianca R. Montes

Bianca Montes is the managing editor of Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People. She curates special sections for People Newspapers like the fall and spring society special sections and 20 Under 40, as well as Faith and Living Well print content, daily web posts, and social media. With a strong background in community journalism, she believes that a city’s arts and entertainment scene is one that should be loved and supported. From luncheons to galas to museum openings and on and off-Broadway revivals, you can find her out and about on Instagram at Bianca_TBD. She also can be reached at [email protected]

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