New PD-15 Proposal Submitted by Commission

The City Plan Commission has agreed on a Public Development 15 proposal to send to the Dallas City Council – one with an emphasis on green space.

(ABOVE: Ground-floor units get a view of a park, instead of concrete. Courtesy City Plan Commission)

PD-15, a 14-acre zoning district north of Northwest Highway between Baltimore Drive and Pickwick Lane, has faced increased scrutiny since 2017 when a fire destroyed the Preston Place condominiums and questions emerged about whether existing height and density limits would allow for redevelopment.

With neighbors of PD-15 requesting a more vibrant outdoor area, the commission recently voted near-unanimously on a proposal that will reserve up to 45 percent of the space for parks, open space, and other “green areas” within the development.

The proposal also allows for a new tower directly on Northwest Highway standing 310 feet, with 360 units.

That’s smaller than Preston Tower, which also sits in the development.

The green space is expected to go between Preston Place and the Royal Orleans.

That means that part of Diamond Head Circle, between the Athena site and Preston Place would become a park instead of a street connecting residential buildings.

The ground-floor units would have a view of a park, instead of concrete.

An underground parking garage is also in the new plan, officials said.

All of this must be looked at by District 13 council member Jennifer Staubach Gates and her staff before going to the council.

“I plan to meet with my staff to fully understand the conditions and the amendments before I can really comment,” Gates said.

Gates will be watching the residential proximity slopes, a measurement of how nearby buildings of varying heights relate to one another.

Affordable housing units are included in the plan to qualify the proposed new tower for greater height.

Gates said she would remain open to more input from the community as the process unfolds.

The commission voted 12-1 in favor of the proposed plan.

William Taylor

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2 thoughts on “New PD-15 Proposal Submitted by Commission

  • June 20, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    The CPC’s decision is a systematic attempt to force massive development on a neighborhood that has loudly & clearly stated that these levels of height & density are unwanted and unsustainable in the area. The ONLY neighborhood supporters are those who are looking to to sell their homes in PD-15 to the highest bidder with zero regard for their neighbors who will remain with the Traffic, Safety, Flooding & basic density issues that 1000+ new residents would bring. I hope JENNIFER GATES will actually listen to not just the developers & sellers but to the actual HOMEOWNERS that are vehemently opposed. This is NOT just the Towets in opposition. This is the majority of Pink Wall homeowners as evidenced by the blue ballot majority vote that was submitted. Also opposed are neighbors to the the North in Preston Hollow who fear traffic cut throughs. As well as diminished views and neighborhood ruination.

    • June 21, 2019 at 9:13 am

      Two things:
      #1 I am very thankful to the City Planners who walked the neighborhood through the Authorized Hearings to find areas of consensus and eventually make recommendations that were thorough and recently approved by the CPC. The two high-rise towers were the most vocal opponents. Athena representatives…said “I don’t want anything to change” repeatedly during the Authorized Hearings. The opposition’s spokesperson put it on-the-record during the first CPC hearing in response to questions from a city planning commissioner. Fortunately, at the second CPC hearing, the opposition’s spokesperson this time agreed that they had gotten almost all of the items that they demanded…this was wonderful to hear. It sounded like a real compromise.
      #2 Now to address the personal attacks: In the above comments, the PP owners are accused of selling “their homes in PD-15 to the highest bidder” and that they have “zero regard for their neighbors” and then imply that they will not live in the same neighborhood. I don’t know Ms. Stone and I assume she did not know many (if any) of the PP owners or their thoughts and plans. Why the attempt to shame us and attempt to dishonor us? Do the ideals you hold – not stand on their own? Those who were burned out at PP are still “actual HOMEOWNERS” – we are just displaced for the time being. Many of us didn’t get to vote on the blue ballot because we didn’t get our mail. We ask you to please stop the personal attacks. They aren’t neighborly.


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