Inter-School Dating Causes Fight at Caruth Park

Details of a mid-July brawl between Park Cities students are coming to the forefront.

On July 16, University Park police officers were called to Caruth Park on a disturbance call around 9:20 p.m. Officers reported a large number of teenagers running from the park upon police arrival, but the responding police were able to stop two vehicles leaving the scene.

“Officers said the teens had gathered because of a disturbance between two schools,” said Steve Mace, University Park communications director. “The teens were between the ages of 14 and 18. No citations were issued.”

Police said the incident was between students from Highland Park High School and Jesuit, a college preparatory school in Preston Hollow.

Social media offered additional details.

According to numerous Facebook posts, students at Highland Park High School were growing angry that students from Jesuit were “dating too many girls from Highland Park.”

Several people posted that the fight involved “close to fifty people.”

Mace said officers remained at the park for an hour to ensure everyone left the scene.

“University Park fire department paramedics were not needed and were not dispatched,” Mace said. “Police didn’t leave the park until all the remaining teens had been picked up by their parents.”


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