See ‘Border Bandits’ Tonight at Texas Theatre

You may recall former Hillcrest PTA president Kirby Warnock‘s screenings last summer of Return to Giant, his documentary about the iconic 1956 movie with James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson. He’d hoped to pack Oak Cliff’s Texas Theatre, Warnock said — and sure enough, the crowds came.

Tonight, Warnock has another story for your perusal. This one’s a little darker — but a crucial slice of  history, if you ask him. Based on true tale his grandfather told him nearly 40 years ago, Border Bandits explores the history of the Texas Rangers, and two vengeful deaths in the Rio Grande Valley.

“It’s not like in the John Wayne westerns where he shot the bad guy, then everyone went to the saloon for a drink afterwards,” Warnock tells me. “This film shows that the dead do not lie easy in their graves.”

The show starts 7:30  p.m. at the Texas, and includes an introduction from Councilwoman Delia Jasso. For reviews and background — plus some ties Warnock makes to actress Eva Longoria, randomly enough — visit

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