Realtors Beware: Steve Breed Is Out Of Jail

Realtors have a reason to worry, because the man they believe is responsible for a string of thefts during open houses in Dallas, Plano and Frisco is back on the prowl.

After being arrested Feb. 6 for the second time on theft charges, Steven Breed made bond and has been seen at numerous open houses in Preston Hollow and the Park Cities this past weekend.

DPD said his bond was lowered to $10,000 Feb. 16, and was released shortly after. But they said investigators are still working on putting a case together against Breed.

Dawn Rejebian, a real estate agent for Dave Perry-Miller, spotted him at one of her Preston Hollow open houses last Sunday, and said she recognized him immediately and was very nervous.

“The front door of the house had a smokey glass, but when I got close enough I could tell it was [Breed], and just though, ‘oh no, it’s him.'” Rejebian said. “He came in quickly and aggressively. He was in the house for maybe five minutes, and was very aloof and almost rude.”

Rejebian said she didn’t feel threatened while he was there, but was very uncomfortable since she was by herself. She said she followed him closely the entire time to make sure he didn’t have an opportunity to take jewelry or medication.

“We were talking about [Breed] in our agency the other day, and one agent said we should print out a picture of him and put it on the front door of our open houses with bold text saying ‘YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.'” she said. “It’s just amazing that the police have not stopped him, and that [Breed] thinks he can get away with this.”

One thought on “Realtors Beware: Steve Breed Is Out Of Jail

  • April 16, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    So is this guy still out on bond or have the prosecuted him and jailed him for a very long time?


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