NorthPark Center Institutes Curfew

Gone are the days of dropping the kids off at the mall. Effective yesterday, children 17 years old and younger will no longer be allowed to independently patronize NorthPark Center after 6 p.m. The curfew is part of a set of new policies instituted at the upscale Dallas mall that includes restrictions on language and attire.

While you may recall a certain pseudo-scandal involving a 2011 viral email and what reports indicate was a group-beating of a Dallas Academy student in January, spokesman Mark Annick said the updated policies were not in response to a specific incident, but reflect a growing trend nationwide.

“As much as it’s new here at NorthPark, it’s really not so new around the country,” Annick said.

The curfew will not apply to movie-goers, who will be allowed to go in and out of the AMC Theater located inside the mall until 11 p.m. Sunday — Thursday, and until 12:01 a.m. Friday and Saturday. There’s also a loophole for NorthPark employees under the age of 18.

As far as enforcement goes, Annick said the mall will “rely on the judgment and discretion of NorthPark security.”

The policy will be enforced by NorthPark security officers, and violating it is not a criminal offense. Security officers will ask children to produce an acceptable form of ID, or show that a guardian is nearby, or they will be asked to leave. Annick said the officers will call home and request a parent pick up their child.

Sean Bavies, who manages the Lego store at NorthPark, is pleased with the new policy.

“It’s great,” he said. “It’s really going to promote better family-friendly shopping.”

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